General Applications

  • Used for years by pump manufactures
  • Reliability in residential chlorine pools
  • Good for low temperatures
  • Better Chemical Resistance (Carbon Upgrade)

Ozone / Salt Service

  • Great for ozonators
  • Great for salt chlorine generators
  • More durable
  • An upgrade from General Service seals
  • More resistance to heat & chemicals
  • Seal of choice by for manufacturers

SCS / Commercial / Residential

  • For MOST demanding applications
  • Superior materials for resistance
  • Limits damage to speed motors
  • Compatible with all chemicals
  • Best for ozonators & salt chlorine generators

Common Causes of Seal Failure

  • The seal was installed using the wrong lubricant. Be sure to use a water soluble lubricant, such as U.S. SEALUBE, instead of a PTFE or silicone based lubricant.
  • The wrong seal type was selected. Be sure to select the correct seal type and materials for specific application.
  • Pump and/or motor do not meet original factory specifications. Check for worn or damaged components. Repair and replace as necessary.

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