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Mechanical Seal
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Head & Seat Types
Head Types — U.S. SEAL MFG.
Head type A seal Head type B seal Head type C seal
Type A Type B Type C
Head type D seal Head type E seal Head type EB seal
Type D Type E Type EB
Head type G seal Head type K seal Head type Q seal
Type G Type K Type Q
Head type R seal Head type S seal Head type T seal
Type R Type S Type T
Head type U seal Head type V seal Head type W seal
Type U Type V Type W
Head type X seal    
Type x    
Seat Types — U.S. SEAL MFG.
Seat type 1 seal Seat type 2 seal Seat type 3 seal
1 2 3
Seat type 5 seal Seat type 8 seal Seat type 9 seal
5 8 9
Seat type 11 seal Seat type 14 seal Seat type 17 seal
11 14 17
Seat type 20 seal Seat type 25 seal Seat type 27 seal
20 25 27
Seat type 28 seal Seat type 30 seal  
28 30  

Material Code
The Material Code is a five character code such as "BCFZF" which is defined by the following parameters. The first character specifies the Elastomer type, the second character specifies the Washer type, etc.

B. Buna  A. Bronze  D. Brass  G. Case Iron  E. Monel® 
N. Neoprene  C. Carbon  E. Monel®  K. Ni-Resist  F. Stainless Steel 
Q. EPR  H. Glass Filled TFE  F. Stainless Steel  L. Silicon Carbide  P. Plated Steel 
V. Viton®  L. Silicon Carbide  P. Plated Steel  J. Ceramic   
AFLAS®  M. Molded Plastic    S. Tooled Steel   
  S. Tooled Steel    Z. Tungsten Carbide   
  W. Micarta®       
  Z. Tungsten Carbide       
Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers LLC.
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Mechanical Seal
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Mechanical Seal
Mechanical Seal
Mechanical Seal
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